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Default Initial thoughts on how to write a movie treatment

There is no specific format to follow when writing a movie treatment. Some treatments simply describe the storyline and characters in paragraph format; others look like a miniature script complete with dialogue and scene transitions. The most important thing is to keep the treatment brief yet descriptive. Keep it to the point and don't go overboard. Use of proper grammar is of course a must. Be sure to include a title (and center it) and use an easily read font such as Times New Roman in a 12 point size. Often a treatment is written before the actual script/screenplay, but if you've already written a script then writing a treatment is still a wise idea.

As previously stated, there is no one correct way to write a treatment. Most treatments have their own unique format, style and structure. Some people say a treatment should be 1-2 pages, others say 10-12 minimum, so opinions vary.

Remember, the purpose of a movie treatment is to sell the reader on your script/screenplay, so make it good!

-Marc Founder
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