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Default IMPORTANT! Guidelines for uploading a movie treatment

1. Treatment must be your own, original work. If there are additional people who contributed to your treatment, please state their names.

2. Once your treatment is uploaded, it is effectively a copyrighted document. If someone were to steal your work, the fact that you uploaded it to this forum should serve as adequate proof that you are the creator and owner of the document.

Technically, a copyright exists in a work from the moment you finish it, but if you want complete legal protection it is recommended that you register it with the U.S. Copyright Office

3. Anyone found uploading treatments that are not their own work, but claim them to be their own work, will be banned from this forum.

4. Anyone found using treatments that have been uploaded to this forum, belonging to someone else, for personal gain or compensation, will be banned from this forum.

5. If the situations described in items #3 and #4 above were to occur, will cooperate with authorities, lawyers, etc. in the investigation of any wrongdoing or misconduct.

6. will never share, rent or sell your original work with/to a third party.

The above rules are here to protect you, the writer, when submitting your original works to this forum. We value your original work, and sincerely hope that you will share it with our community.
-Marc Founder
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