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Originally Posted by robohannon View Post
So when are we going to see your treatment for this? I like the idea.
It's yours-

I'm settled down and (trying to) write novels in the boondocks now. Not actively doing the Hollywood thing anymore. I had a good run, though, and can always go back to it if I want. I always said I didn't want to raise a family in L.A. though, so, what can I say?

But maybe I'll whip up a quick treatment anyway. This site needs as many as it can get. Studio execs have a STACK of scripts/treaments they can go through- we need to compete with that to make this a viable option for them. One day X is hot, then Y is hot, you never know and you have you have lots of available options (my six script rule- which I think I stole from Syd Field, but whatever).

Anyway, I always liked that "Creature"- he was the only early Universal monster that didn't look like a guy in makeup. True, he was a guy in a suit- but it was a good suit.
And remember- no matter what ANYONE says, not your next door neighbor or the head of Warner Bros.- keep at it. Eventually, you will succeed-

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