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Hey everyone, sorry I haven't posted in a while. The last few weeks have been a hectic whirlwind. But, I have some good news . . .


Yes, you read that right. Holocaust has been sold. The good news is that I got AT LEAST as much as I was hoping for (more, actually). The bad news is they bought the treatment with the intention of having someone else write the script. Now, this does kind of suck- especially since I ALREADY WROTE IT- but I'm too busy being happy that I actually SOLD something.

After a couple of meetings I tried, I really really tried to accommodate all their ideas but it was one thing after another. Eventually I think we were both sick of each other and I was kind of hoping they would just buy me out anyway. Now I can go back to writing stuff my way, and who knows- the film that gets made out of my treatment will probably be so different from what I wrote that I can still use the basic concept later on.

So, I just wanted say thanks to everyone here- especially WriteNow. It can happen, I'm proof. And while I'm not exactly rich, nor do I have much else lined up- I've made good connections and I can say that I've actually sold something. Here's to hoping Holocaust actually gets made (something like 90% of scripts don't), though I can assure you it won't be called Holocaust, so don't bother keeping an eye out. The suits were pretty adamant that they were not going to risk a backlash by even anecdotally associating the film with the actual holocaust. Oh well-

Off to write some more and compulsively check my bank account online. I just can't believe there's actual money in there- more than what I need for rent, anyway- finally, for the first time in years.
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