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Originally Posted by PoisonPen View Post
How come the main chracter doesn't have a girlfriend or something? I agree that we should find out about his ex-wife. Or just something about a woman in his life, he seems kinda, I don't know, asexual or something. But I guess he's older-
Now THIS is interesting. I was just casually scanning some threads here when I noticed that PoisonPen made the exact same request as the people interested in your treatment.

What can we learn? Well, women like a little romance in their films (I believe PoisonPen is a girl- please correct me if I'm wrong), especially bleak/dystopian/futuristic ones. You can't really blame the studio (or whoever you're dealing with) seeing as they are just trying to broaden the audience and maximize profits.

Look at it as a challenge. Make the film work AND add the extra romance element. It CAN be done. I can understand why you're hesitant, though. But all writers eventually shed the idea that their work is perfect "as is" when THEY say so. Sure, rewrites and meddling have destroyed would-be great films, but they've also saved plenty too.

Update us, Rex, if you aren't too busy riding around Sunset in a stretch limo with some starlets . . .
And remember- no matter what ANYONE says, not your next door neighbor or the head of Warner Bros.- keep at it. Eventually, you will succeed-
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