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WriteNow 02-16-2010 11:28 PM

How is Hollywood these days?
Hey guys-

As I've mentioned in other threads I used to be a somewhat successful treatment/screenwriter/script doctor in my day (not that long ago, actually).

So, now that I've moved on I'm wondering if you newcomers can tell me what its like in the Hollywood scene these days-

Working, networking, the social scene on Sunset, acceptance, rejection- how's it going for you? If you've had some success- why do you think you achieved it? Luck? Talent?

If you haven't been able to break through- why not? Wrong script/wrong time? Competition? Overcrowded marketplace?

Rex 02-26-2010 12:55 AM

I have been in L.A. for a few years but have yet to break into the writing scene.
I don't know how long ago you were here but noe all the coffee shops are full of "writers" on their laptops. I never understaood that- I like to write at home with no distractions.

Anyway, I work as a waiter which has been slow lately and doesn't afford me much money for going out socially. I've tried the "hotspots" like Skybar and Viper Room and stuff but I don't think they are good for networking- just bars with a few famous people and lots of look-e-loos.
I've gotten my scripts into the "right" hands before (I think) but always have been told something isn't right, they aren't a good fit, etc. Now I see why you said (in the other thread) to have six scripts/treatments on hand at all times.

That's about it- just plugging away. I've uploaded one treatment here so far- "Wreckage" and will up some more soon. If I sell something off this site that would be just great.

WriteNow 03-19-2010 12:12 AM

Yes, the "coffeeshop writers" are nothing new. I don't drink coffee much, but whenever I would pass by a Starbucks full of "writers" on their laptops I always thought the same thing as you. I think people just do it for an ego boost, as it can get lonely hammering away at your computer in a darkened room. Personally I found that writing for 3-4 hours then taking a walk for a half hour or so and getting back to it were the best thing for me.

However, I can see how the hustle and bustle of a public environment might suit some people. And if so, good for them. But I think anyone's whose lived in L.A. can tell you that there's a very high percentage of fakes and imposters there, so use your best judgment when networking. Even still, you will get blown off and lied to by flakes and the like. I know I did. Just know that it comes with the territory and is nothing personal. Plenty of times you will also be presented with great opportunities.

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